“To be independent of public opinion is the first formal condition of achieving anything great.” ~ Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

When we first set out to launch an online print sales portal, the foremost distinguishing feature that we pursued so tirelessly was a complete technical competence in all aspects of print production. We believe we reached this goal with the selection of works on the following pages.

Our secondary (and just as important) goal was to create a robust platform that would serve unique needs of artists and galleries representing these artists. We offer an easy-to-use scheme for tracking editions, setting up custom commissions, and even remote signing.

All production work for Penumbra Editions is managed by imagefoundry – a Toronto-based printmaking boutique responsible for all aspects of art documentation, color editing and print production; a brand well known in Canada as a premiere destination for those who won’t settle for anything but the very best. Starting with this technical foundation, editions presented by Penumbra are conceived in collaboration with artists, curators and art institutions, and thus attract attention of sophisticated international clientele.


Currently available works for sale:

Books, gifts and other collectables

Mat Brown
Marina Black
Carolyn Cheng
Ray Cicin
Brent Daniels
Jennifer Herbert
Courtney & Goh Iromoto
Vince Mancuso
Ottilie Mason
Geoff Pugen

IVAn Sanchez
Margaux Smith
Allison Rietta
Cybèle Young
Vintage prints from maxence lumiere collection

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